5 Things I Never Buy In Singapore

By | May 12, 2018

As an expat living in Singapore you’ve probably never really come to terms with how expensive everything is here compared to back home. I mean $40 for a tin of baby formula and $25 for decent bottle of wine! Now that’s crazy!! There are certain things that I need on a regular basis but refuse to buy here since it’s so ridiculously overpriced but luckily over the years I’ve found out where to buy them for the reasonable prices that I am so accustomed to back in the UK. So I’d like to share my findings with you so that you don’t get a shock when you see your next credit card bill!

Brita Water Filters

Cheap Brita Maxtra Cartridge Singapore

Although tap water in Singapore is very drinkable, like most households here I own a Brita water filter. Cartridges for my filter are supposed to be changed monthly and considering they are around $130 for 12 cartridges on Singapore online shopping site Lazada, this is a substantial amount more than if you buy it from the UK. Luckily you can buy them online from a UK online retailer called The Hut where you can get 12 cartridges for only £41.99 including delivery which is roughly around $76, more than a 40% discount!

>>Visit The Hut Here To Get Your Brita Water Filters<<


Cosmetics are another thing that can be outrageously priced as well as some brands being unavailable or hard to find in Singapore. That’s why when it comes to my skincare and beauty needs I always order online from UK site LookFantastic which ships for free to Singapore as well as having competitive UK prices for hundreds of brands. They also have regular promotions and free gifts too!

>>Visit LookFantastic To Get Your Cosmetics<<

Baby Snacks

Gerber Puffs Baby Cereal Snack

My 9 month old absolutely loves these Gerber Puffs, he could snack on them all day if I let him. It’s quite pricey at $6.95 for a tub though in Cold Storage or Fairprice so I always stock up on them when I buy stuff from online site iHerb. They cost only $4.29 and if you spend over $53 you can get free shipping straight from the US. iHerb also stock a whole range of groceries, beauty products and supplements most of which is organic and much cheaper than you would find anywhere here and if you’ve never shopped with them before, you can get 5% off your first order using the discount code TEP6307 at the checkout!

>>Visit iHerb Here To Get Your Baby Snacks<<


If you’re an avid reader, you will probably have noticed the extortionate prices of books in the bookshops here. $19.90 for a Harry Potter book when you can get it for half the price on Amazon back home!! Not to worry, books on online site Book Depository have similar prices to what you would find on Amazon (that is UK or US Amazon as Amazon in Singapore doesn’t currently stock books) plus they ship free worldwide!

>>Visit Book Depository To Get Your Books<<

Stuff for Around the Home

Bits and pieces for around the home are actually pretty cheap in Singapore with places like the Daiso and other two dollar stores around that sell just about everything and I would normally shop there but if you’re willing to wait a few weeks you can get all the same items online from AliExpress for even less. From kitchen accessories to stationary and tools for DIY, prices are unbelievably cheap and can be as low as 50 cents including free delivery!

>>Visit AliExpress To Get Your Stuff For Around The Home<<

Have any tips to share on things you buy regularly elsewhere that are expensive in Singapore? Please leave a comment below! 🙂

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