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By | May 18, 2016

Antoinette Mandarin Gallery Orchard Road Singapore

So ever since the Salted Egg Yolk Croissant craze started earlier this year I’d been dying to try the one from Antoinette which is supposedly the best one in Singapore. I heard that the queues had been a little crazy when it was first launched in February but going there last Sunday morning when it opened I was surprised to find no one waiting in line at their counter and their dining area was not too busy either throughout the time I was there.

Antoinette Mandarin Gallery Orchard Road Singapore Drinks Menu

My friend and I got there for 11am and were told that the salted egg yolk croissants wouldn’t be available until around 12.30pm as they were expecting them to be delivered at around that time. This was a little disappointing as a patisserie as popular as Antoinette really should have their current most sought-after item on the menu available from the minute it opens. Anyway we decided to wait and relax with some tea. Antoinette has a good variety of black, Chinese, herbal and fruit teas available as well as coffee and hot chocolate.

Antoinette Mandarin Gallery Orchard Road Singapore Parfum dAntoinette Tea

I decided to go for the Parfum d’Antoinette tea which contains lemongrass, lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint, lemon verbena, lavender and elderflower. This tea makes you feel so relaxed  – maybe not the best thing to drink when you’re trying to stay awake on a Sunday morning!

Antoinette Mandarin Gallery Orchard Road Singapore Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

The croissants ended up arriving early at around 11.30am to our surprise and were served warm. The pastry was buttery and soft with a crispness to the outer layer and the delicious creamy salted egg yolk filling had a perfect balance of sweet and salty. The only complaint is that they could have been heated up a little more but overall not bad for my first salted egg yolk croissant. Salted egg yolk croissants at Antoinette are $6.50 for one and they also have other types of croissants available with different fillings including kaya, matcha, chocolate, cheese, salted caramel and chilli crab. The kaya croissant is apparently not available for takeaway though. I couldn’t resist and got a takeaway of a matcha croissant and another salted egg yolk croissant since it was so good. The matcha croissant was also just as good and the filling had a strong matcha flavour that was not too bitter or sweet.

Antoinette Mandarin Gallery Orchard Road Singapore Croissants

Service at Antoinette is very polite and attentive and the place has a charm about it, reminiscent of cafes you would find in Paris. It’s a lovely place to have lunch or tea with your friends and they serve all day breakfast, french toast, pancakes, sandwiches, some French dishes, pasta, crepes and of course cakes and tarts.

Antoinette Mandarin Gallery Orchard Road Singapore Interior

Antoinette At Mandarin Gallery
Address: 333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery, #02-33/34, Singapore 238897 (Nearest MRT: Somerset)
Tel: 68369527
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm (last order 9.30pm)

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Antoinette review, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review or if you have any questions!

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