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COVID-19: Where To Buy Masks In Singapore To Protect You From The Coronavirus

With the coronavirus situation getting worse in Singapore and the government implementing stricter measures, protective masks are in short supply with many local shops out of stock with no estimates on when they will be replenished. However here is a list of some online stores which have plenty of stock and you can receive them… Read More »

5 Things I Never Buy In Singapore

As an expat living in Singapore you’ve probably never really come to terms with how expensive everything is here compared to back home. I mean $40 for a tin of baby formula and $25 for decent bottle of wine! Now that’s crazy!! There are certain things that I need on a regular basis but refuse… Read More »

Tokutokuya Japanese Two Dollar Shop Singapore – Great Alternative To The Daiso

Tokutokuya is a two dollar store from Japan which has a branch in Changi City Point shopping mall as well as one in the more centrally located Suntec City shopping mall near City Hall and Esplanade MRT which opened earlier this year. I’ve never been to the branch in Changi City Point but I decided… Read More »

Cheap Shopping Singapore: Dollar Stores

Although Singapore is an expensive place to live, you’ll be surprised at how many dollar stores there are here, where you can pick up general household items and daily necessities that are of pretty decent quality. The HDB estates will usually have some small shops selling an array of goods starting at one dollar but if you’re… Read More »

MixCart Two Dollar Store Review – Geylang Singapore

MixCart is a two dollar store in the Geylang area of Singapore near Aljunied MRT. Although small you can find a variety of household items, toys, stationary, jewellery and other knick-knacks all of which are $2 with some items that are 2 for $2 and some jewellery and soft drinks for only $1. The shop is packed… Read More »

Budget Shopping In Singapore – Where To Buy All Your Daily Essentials For Cheap

Living in Singapore is expensive and according to CNN it is currently the most expensive city to live in as an expat! I remember going to a Cold Storage supermarket when I first moved here and was shocked to see a box of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for nearly S$12 – around 3 times the price… Read More »