COVID-19: Where To Buy Masks In Singapore To Protect You From The Coronavirus

By | March 29, 2020

COVID-19 Where To Buy Masks In Singapore To Protect You From The Coronavirus

With the coronavirus situation getting worse in Singapore and the government implementing stricter measures, protective masks are in short supply with many local shops out of stock with no estimates on when they will be replenished. However here is a list of some online stores which have plenty of stock and you can receive them in as quickly as 3-5 business days.

Light In The Box

Light In The Box have a range of disposable face masks including N95 and FFP2 masks, with masks starting at less than $1 each. They also sell thermometers, disposable gloves, goggles and even toilet paper in case you’re finding it hard to get hold of these items here! DHL express shipping to Singapore and worldwide in 3-5 working days is free for orders over $195!

>>Click here to visit Light In The Box<<


This online store carries disposable and reusable face masks as well as other items such as UV mask sterilisers and phone sanitisers that will come in useful during this difficult period of time. They provide many different delivery options so you can opt for express delivery to receive your masks quickly.

>>Click here to visit AliExpress<<


Based in Hong Kong, YesStyle have a range of masks available including cute Hello Kitty masks and Winnie The Pooh masks for the kids! Shipping to Singapore is free for orders of $50 or more.

>>Click here to visit YesStyle<<

Mini In The Box

With a huge range of masks to choose from to protect you from the coronavirus, Mini In The Box provide free DHL express shipping in 3-5 working days if you purchase 4 boxes of 50 masks in your order.

>>Click here to visit Mini In The Box<<

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