Sufood Restaurant Review – Raffles City Singapore

By | December 16, 2015

Sufood Restaurant

One of my friends in Singapore is vegetarian so recently we’ve been trying out as many of the vegetarian restaurants as we can find here. Sufood is a Taiwanese-Italian fusion vegetarian restaurant located on the second floor of Raffles City shopping centre which is connected to City Hall MRT. They are also due to open a new branch in Ion shopping centre in Orchard later this month.

Sufood Restaurant Interior

We had a table reserved there last week for 1pm and when we arrived it was pretty busy with office workers and friends catching up over lunch. The menu at Sufood is fairly extensive, with a lot of choice for mains as well as salads, soups, desserts and fresh juices and tea. We both decided to go for the lunch set at $29.80 for 8 courses since this was much better value than ordering a la carte and this way we’d be able to try more of what Sufood has to offer.

Sufood Apptizer

To start, we were given the Sufood Appetiser which is a trio of poached Japanese yuca root drizzled with blueberry coulis, okra and cress with sesame sauce and a savoury cherry tomato jelly. We were told by our server that we should start with the yuca root and finish with the jelly. This was served together with a small shot sized glass of the Sufood Signature Cider which is a vinegar that is supposed to help digestion. The appetisers were nicely presented on the plate and tasted ok but unfortunately failed to impress.

Sufood Rosemary Breadsticks

Next we were served freshly baked rosemary-infused breadsticks (1 stick each) which were served with a sweet mustard dip. There is supposed to be a choice of either the sweet mustard dip or blueberry dip but we weren’t given this choice. The breadsticks were soft and doughy with a mild rosemary flavour and went well with the mustard dip.

Sufood Mushroom Salad

For the salad course I chose to have the Mushroom Salad which is an assortment of button and shiitake mushrooms, steamed broccoli, cucumber and cherry tomatoes with a vinegar dressing. This was quite a tasty salad with a nice garlic and vinegar flavour.

Sufood French Onion and Cheese Sop

We were then served our choice of soup. I had the French Onion and Cheese Soup which was topped with a toasted piece of bread. The soup was sweet and quite tasty, not the best French Onion soup I’ve had, also there was hardly any cheese. The size of the soup was small but it was enough for me as I was already starting to feel a little bit full.

Sufood Zesty Oyster Mushoom Rice

For the main course I had the Zesty Oyster Mushroom Rice which is oyster mushrooms (or shall I say the singular “mushroom”) infused with a spicy sauce served with oven-toasted rice and garnished with white radish, cabbage, sweet corn and carrot. The oyster mushroom was delicious but unfortunately there was very little of it and nowhere near as much as shown on the picture in their menu. The rice itself was also surprisingly good and the vegetables went well with it, it reminded me a little of a Korean Bibimbap dish.

Sufood Rosso e Giallo Dessert

I had the Rosso e Giallo for dessert which comprises of a red bean cake and beancurd pudding served with brown sugar syrup. The red bean cake was like a very firm red bean jelly and was nice as I’m used to eating a similar sweet that is Japanese and the beancurd pudding is a bit like the soybean pudding you get in Jollibean or Mr Bean shops in Singapore, it was light and silky and the brown sugar complimented it well.

Sufood Red Bean Dessert

My friend had the Red Bean Dessert with Yam Cubes which was like a Chinese sweet red bean soup but the yam didn’t taste like yam at all, it was more like overcooked mochi (rice cake) and it didn’t taste nice and was tough to chew.

Sufood The Tasty

For my choice of drink I had The Tasty which is a beetroot and honeydew melon juice. I expected it to be sweet but instead it was quite sour as if it had vinegar in it, also there wasn’t a lot of beetroot or honeydew flavour either but it was light and quite refreshing and a good end to the meal.

Overall I think the food in Sufood is nothing really to shout about, the only dish I quite liked was the Zesty Oyster Mushroom Rice but it still wasn’t good enough to make me want to go back to Sufood again. The food is fairly healthy (depending on what you choose on the menu) and simple so it’s a good place to go if you’re looking for healthy options in Singapore. Service is friendly and efficient and they even ask you to fill in a feedback form at the end of the meal which is good to see that they value customers’ opinions.

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, #02-19, Singapore 179103
Tel: 6333 5338
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 11.30am – 4.30pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review of the restaurant or if you have any questions!

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