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Dumex Mamil Gold Formula Milk Free Sample

Get a free sample of Dumex Mamil Gold which is a specially tailored formula milk that caters to the needs of both pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children between 6 months and 10 years old. To get your free sample, simply sign up on their website to request one.   Related Posts:Aptamil Toddler Gold+ Stage… Read More »

Nestlé Baby Club Free Samples For Expectant Mothers – What You’ll Receive

I signed up for the Nestlé Baby Club around a month ago and was surprised to receive a text message so soon from Nestlé’s delivery courier yesterday saying that they would deliver my free welcome gift that evening. The welcome gift is pretty good considering that the Nestlé Baby Club is completely free to join. It’s… Read More »

Free Dumex Pregnancy Gift Pack Worth Over $80

Are you expecting? If so, Dumex are giving away free pregnancy gift packs worth over $80. Simply register on their website and you will receive your free pregnancy gift pack within 2 weeks! Related Posts:Free Baby Samples For Expecting Mothers From NestléNestlé Baby Club Free Samples For Expectant Mothers…Dumex Mamil Gold Formula Milk Free SampleHuggies… Read More »

Similac Follow-on Or Similac Gain IQ Free Sample

Get a free 400g sample of Similac Follow-on or Similac Gain IQ formula for your child. Simply register on their website and your free sample will be sent to you! Offer ends on the 30th June 2018. Related Posts:Similac Mum Maternal Milk For Pregnant &…GROW Baby Milk Formula Free SampleKarihome Baby Formula Milk Free SampleDumex Mamil… Read More »

Aptamil Toddler Gold+ Stage 3 / Junior Gold+ Stage 4 Milk Formula 900g Free Sample

If you have children between 10 months and 6 years old, register with AptaAdvantage and get a free 900g sample of either Aptamil Toddler Gold+ Stage 3 or Junior Gold+ Stage 4 milk formula. Simply sign up on their website. Related Posts:Dumex Mamil Gold Formula Milk Free SampleGROW Baby Milk Formula Free SampleEinmilk Free Baby Formula Milk… Read More »

Enfagrow Formula Milk Free Sample

For those who are pregnant or have children aged 6 months to 12 years old, Enfagrow are giving free samples if you join their Enfamama A+ Club. Simply sign up on their website to claim your free samples! For more free baby samples available in Singapore, see here. Related Posts:Karihome Baby Formula Milk Free SampleS-26 Baby… Read More »

Bepanthen Ointment Free Sample

Get a free sample of Bepanthen Ointment which is for protecting babies from nappy rash.  It is so gentle that it can be used at every nappy change, even on the highly sensitive skin of premature babies and contains no fragrance, preservatives, colours or antiseptics. Claim your free sample here. Related Posts:Nestlé Baby Club Free… Read More »