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Ginza Anzu Japanese Restaurant Review – Great World City Singapore

Ginza Anzu Japanese Restaurant Great World City Singapore
Ginza Anzu, one of the best tonkatsu restaurants in Singapore, is a farm-to-table eatery originally from Kyushu and well known around Japan and Asia for their delicious and authentic tonkatsu. If you’re familiar with Japanese food, you’ll know that tonkatsu is a deep-fried breaded pork cutlet. Ginza Anzu imports most of their ingredients from Kyushu and sources it’s pork from farms in the US and Canada that maintain the highest levels of hygiene to bring you the freshest pork of the highest quality. They then use their very own unique ageing process to create a world-class pork, namely Ginjo Pork. 
Ginza Anzu Japanese Restaurant Great World City Singapore Ginjo Pork Katsu Set.
Previously located in Wisma Atria but since the end of last year has relocated to it’s new home in Great World, I was invited courtesy of JPassport to try their signature menu which consists of their Ginjo Pork Katsu Set and their Hot Pot Loin Katsu Set, both of which apparently now use improved recipes. For the Ginjo Pork Katsu Set we were able to choose between two different cuts of Ginjo pork for our tonkatsu – either a lean pork fillet or a fatty pork loin. The set comes with refillable Japanese rice (either white or purple rice) and salad, pickles and miso soup (either miso soup with wakame seaweed or miso soup with pork and vegetables). The set is priced at $38 for the fatty pork loin and $32 for the pork fillet. We chose to try the fatty pork loin tonkatsu and it did not disappoint! With it’s perfectly light and super crunchy breaded exterior, the succulent Ginjo fatty pork practically melts in your mouth as you bite into it. Normal tonkatsu sauce as well as a slightly sweeter version is available on the table to pour over the tonkatsu. This together with roasted sesame seeds which come in a small pestle and mortar so that you can grind them to release the flavour, made one hell of a tasty tonkatsu!
Ginza Anzu Japanese Restaurant Great World City Singapore Tonkatsu Sauces and Salad Dressings.jpg
There was also a choice of two salad dressings, either a yuzu dressing or a shiso salad cream. Both were great, had a light flavour and complemented the simple green salad of lettuce, cabbage and peppers well. Pickled daikon and preserved Japanese cucumber and daikon were also served with the meal.
Ginza Anzu Japanese Restaurant Great World City Singapore Freeflow Salad and Pickled Radish
The Japanese rice that comes with the set is made in a traditional Japanese rice cooking pot called an okama which gave perfectly cooked, soft and fluffy rice.
Ginza Anzu Japanese Restaurant Great World City Singapore Hot Pot Loin Katsu Set

The Hot Pot Loin Katsu Set ($28) also comes with refillable Japanese rice and salad, pickles and miso soup. If you’ve ever had a dish called Katsudon, the Hot Pot Loin Katsu is basically the same except the tonkatsu in the broth comes separate from the rice instead of on top of it. The tonkatsu was made using pork loin and it came in a slightly sweet dashi broth together with onions and beaten egg. Served piping hot and bubbling in the stone bowl, the tonkatsu was still wonderfully crisp as well as juicy, having soaked up some of the delicious broth.

Service at Ginza Anzu was fantastic, the servers were friendly, informative and attentive, never letting our cup of green tea go empty. The restaurant has a casual, laid-back atmosphere with an open kitchen and a huge communal table in the centre as well as tables to accommodate couples and large groups.

Ginza Anzu Japanese Restaurant Great World City Singapore Interior

Beside their signature menu items, Ginza Anzu have a huge new menu consisting of a range of other sets with deep fried breaded chicken, seafood and of course pork as well as curry, side dishes, kid’s meals and desserts. They also have a $15 set lunch limited to 20 sets per day and if you don’t have time to stop for a meal you can take away a box of tonkatsu sandwiches or deep fried breaded chopped prawn sandwiches.

For more information about Ginza Anzu and their latest promotions, check out the JPassport Ginza Anzu page.

Ginza Anzu
Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-174-175 Great World City, Singapore 237994
Tel: 6262 3408
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Ginza Anzu, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review of the restaurant or if you have any questions!

Wuhan Virus: Four Free Face Masks For Every Household In Singapore

Wuhan Virus Four Free Face Masks For Every Household In Singapore

Announced today by the Singapore Government, each household in Singapore will be entitled to get four free face masks for those in your household to use if showing any flu-like symptoms. Only those who are unwell should be using them since there is no community spread of the virus here, so there isn’t a need for people who are well to wear masks. It is advised that masks should be replaced when they get moist and can only be worn for a maximum of eight hours as it is best to change them regularly so that they can remain effective.

Masks can be collected by bringing your identity card to any of the 89 community centres and 654 residents’ committee centres in Singapore starting from 2pm until 10pm on Saturday 1st February and from 10am to 9pm on any day from 2nd February until the 9th February 2020. They can only be collected once for each household. Masks will be delivered to those who are vulnerable and are not able to collect them themselves. For more information on when and where to collect your masks, see here.

Kuro Maguro Restaurant Review – Tanjong Pagar Singapore

Kuro Maguro Restaurant Review Tanjong Pagar Singapore

Hailed as serving up the freshest tuna in town, Japanese restaurant Kuro Maguro in Tanjong Pagar is well worth paying a visit. All their tuna and seafood is imported directly from Miura Misaki Port in Japan by renowned tuna wholesaler Maguro Donya to bring patrons a variety of tuna dishes as well as other seafood dishes at very affordable prices.

I was invited there today courtesy of JPassport to try some dishes on their current Festive Seasonal Menu which included O-toro Yu Sheng and Kaisen Chirashi Meshi. For those who don’t know, Yu Sheng is a dish that is eaten in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries during Chinese New Year to bring good luck, health, prosperity and abundance. It is usually eaten as an appetiser and consists of strips of raw fish (usually salmon) that is mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments. Diners are expected to toss the ingredients high into the air with chopsticks whilst saying auspicious wishes to bring good fortune. Since Kuro Maguro specialises in tuna dishes, their Yu Sheng of course had tuna in it, specifically delicious, oh-so-good, melt-in-the mouth raw slices of extra fatty toro (tuna belly) hence the name O-toro Yu Sheng. This together with shredded carrots, radish, two types of crackers, peanuts as well as slices of akami maguro (lean tuna), kanpachi (yellowtail) and salmon with a sakura sour plum sauce poured on top made for one hell of a delicious Yu Sheng!

Kuro Maguro Restaurant Tanjong Pagar Singapore O-Toro Yu Sheng

Kuro Maguro Restaurant Tanjong Pagar Singapore O-Toro Yu Sheng Toss

Kuro Maguro Restaurant Tanjong Pagar Singapore O-Toro Yu Sheng Portion

The Kaisen Chirashi Meshi was basically a huge bowl of rice seasoned with vinegar and topped with anago (salt-water eel), slices of raw salmon, maguro (bluefin tuna) and kanpachi as well as negitoro (minced fatty tuna), crabmeat, ikura (salmon eggs), raw prawn, mussel, cucumber and a shiso leaf. The seafood was all extremely fresh as expected and beautifully displayed in the bowl.

Kuro Maguro Restaurant Tanjong Pagar Singapore Kaisen Chirashi Meshi Set

Kuro Maguro Restaurant Tanjong Pagar Singapore Kaisen Chirashi Meshi

The Kaisen Chirashi Meshi came as a set with some hot, crispy, lightly flour coated karaage (deep fried chicken), silky smooth chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), miso soup and slices of orange to finish off the meal. All-in-all a very gratifying meal that was more than enough for one person and probably one of the best Chirashi Don and Yu Sheng that I’ve ever had.

Kuro Maguro Restaurant Tanjong Pagar Singapore Chawanmushi and Tori Karaage

Service at the restaurant is extremely polite and attentive and although small, the restaurant has enough space to accommodate small groups or it’s good for family meals, catchups with friends and has counter seats too for couples and solo diners.

Kuro Maguro Restaurant Interior Tanjong Pagar Singapore

The O-toro Yu Sheng is available for dine-in and takeaway until the 31st January 2020 at $59.80++, good for 4-6 people and the Kaisen Chirashi Meshi is only $19.80++ (usual price $29.80++) until the 29th February 2020 during dinner time.

For more information, check out the JPassport Kuro Maguro page.

Kuro Maguro
Address: Tanjong Pagar Centre7 Wallich Street, #01-04, Singapore 078884
Tel: 6386 8561
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 11.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 10pm, Saturday & Sunday: 11.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 9pm

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Kuro Maguro, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review of the restaurant or if you have any questions!

La Scala Ristorante Review – The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

La Scala Ristorante Review The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

Described as an escape to Italy, La Scala Ristorante is a seemingly upmarket yet affordable Italian eatery in the heart of the city located in The Capitol Kempinski Hotel’s Arcade in upscale Capitol Piazza shopping centre. Casual yet stylishly decorated, the restaurant is great for business lunches or gatherings with family and friends and on weekdays their set lunch menu is a must-try.

La Scala Ristorante Interior The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

They have options for two and three course set lunches as well as an a-la-carte menu with a good offering of starters, soups, pastas, pizzas and desserts if you prefer a wider selection. The set lunch is well worth going for though as it’s priced at a very modest $17++ for two courses and $22++ for three. The two course set lunch allows you to choose either a starter and main or a main and dessert but for just over $5 more you might as well indulge in one of their desserts. The appetiser selection currently on offer includes soup, salads and grilled aubergine which is what I decided to go for. The dish, namely Parmigiana Di Melanzane, is a delicious pan-fried aubergine marinated in tomato sauce, basil and parmesan cheese. The melt-in-the-mouth aubergine was beautifully seasoned and the tomato sauce had a rich depth of flavour. A great start to the meal and actually pretty filling for a starter.

La Scala Ristorante The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore Parmigiana Di Melanzane

For the main course, you can choose between a lasagna, pan-fried seabass, pasta with smoked salmon in a vodka, cream and tomato sauce or braised lamb shank with mashed potato. I had my heart set on the lamb but unfortunately that day they had no lamb available and would instead substitute the lamb with sausage so I decided to go for the Branzino Mediteranneo which is the pan-fried seabass with garlic, tomato and basil. The seabass was a decent sized portion which was cooked nicely with crispy skin. Together with some arborio rice and vegetables, it was a good dish however the tomato sauce lacked the depth of flavour that would have elevated this dish to a higher level. It was however a pleasant enough dish.

La Scala Ristorante The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore Branzino Mediteranneo pan-fried seabass with garlic, tomato and basil

I ended the meal with a Tiramisu, you could either choose that or a panna cotta with fresh berries. Although the panna cotta sounded tempting, my coffee addiction kicked in and I succumbed to the Tiramisu. It was definitely a wise choice. Presented in a glass coffee cup, it was generously infused with espresso and liquor that made for a decadent and very moreish dessert. It was incredibly light so it didn’t leave me completely stuffed at the end of the meal. A perfect ending to a fantastic lunch!

La Scala Ristorante The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore Tiramisu

Just a word of advice, don’t bother filling yourself up with the complimentary bread at your table as it’s really hard and not very nice.

La Scala Ristorante The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore Bread With Olive Oil

Service at the restaurant was polite although a little slow at the start when they were just opening however they acknowledged this and were apologetic. All-in-all definitely a place I would return to, to try out more of their dishes!

La Scala Ristorante
Address: Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, 13 Stamford Road, Singapore 178906
Tel: 6715 6877
Opening Hours: Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of La Scala Ristorante, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review of the restaurant or if you have any questions!

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Free Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Boba Milk

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For more information about Singtel Dash, visit the Dash website.

Lola’s Cafe Review – Kovan Singapore

Lolas Cafe Review Kovan Singapore

Lola’s Cafe in Kovan is a gem of a find not far from Kovan mrt. They serve delectable brunches and fine dining worthy dinners at very affordable prices as well as having a good selection of great tasting coffees, teas, craft beers and soft drinks. Reservations are recommended as queues can stretch down the block although they do have space to fit around fifty people.

Lolas Cafe Interior Kovan Singapore

On a recent visit for dinner, I had their Beef Cheeks with Truffle Mash ($18+) and a half pint of Rye & Pint’s Sunday’s Brew Pilsner ($9+) which they have on tap there. The Beef Cheeks with Truffle Mash was unbelievably good (that explains the long queues), it came with an extremely generous portion of slow-cooked and very tender beef cheeks on top of creamy truffle flavoured mashed potato together with fried garlic kale, cherry tomatoes and grated parmesan and tied together with a delicious, flavourful beef gravy. My mouth is watering at the thought of it!

Lolas Cafe Kovan Singapore Beef Cheeks With Truffle Mash

The beer which is from one of Singapore’s craft beer breweries Rye & Pint, was ice cold, very refreshing and had a light taste with citrus and floral notes.

Lolas Cafe Kovan Singapore Rye and Pint Sundays Brew Pilsner Half Pint

Now how amazing does that Duck Leg Confit with Truffle Mash look! For only $18+ you get a beautifully confited duck leg with crispy skin where the meat practically falls off the bone. This paired with truffle mash, arugula, cherry tomatoes, caramelised onion sauce and balsamic glaze gives you a perfectly balanced dish that you would expect to find at a high-end restaurant.

Lolas Cafe Kovan Singapore Duck Leg Confit With Truffle Mash

The Smoked Pulled Pork Carbonara ($17+), although strictly not really a carbonara, was tasty with 6 hours smoked barbecued pulled pork and what tasted like more of a tomato based sauce rather than a creamy carbonara sauce. It was topped with cherry tomatoes, a sous vide egg, grated parmesan and generously seasoned with black pepper. Although the dish was pretty good, the linguine was a little bit overcooked.

Lolas Cafe Kovan Singapore Smoked Pulled Pork Carbonara

Anyway all-in-all the food was amazing and topped my expectations by far. Service was efficient and polite, my only criticism is that the food didn’t come out at the same time, however this unfortunately does seem to be quite the norm for places in Singapore. I will definitely be back very soon for that beef or duck as well as to try some of their very tempting looking cakes in their display!

Lolas Cafe Kovan Singapore Cake Display.

Lolas Cafe Kovan Singapore Wall Slogan.

Lola’s Cafe
Address: 5 Simon Rd, Singapore 545893
Tel: 6284 0349
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Thursday, Sunday: 10am – 11.30pm, Friday & Saturday: 10am – 12am, Monday: Closed

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Lola’s Cafe, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review or if you have any questions!

Get 2 Free LiHO Milk Teas With Pearls On Klook!

Free Liho Bubble Tea Singapore

Klook is where you can book travel activities, purchase discounted food vouchers and much more! If you’re new to them you can get a $5 voucher completely free when you sign up with them. This voucher can be used to get free LiHO bubble teas which are only $2.30 for one on Klook or you can use it to purchase from thousands of other food vouchers or experiences.

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Pump Station 1965 Bar & Bistro Review – Punggol East Container Park

Pump Station 1965 Bar & Bistro Review Punggol East Container Park

The Pump Station 1965 Bar and Bistro is a lovely place to chill with friends or family on any day of the week. Located in Punggol East Container Park it is open every night and has an extensive drinks menu as well as a wide selection of Western and Asian dishes and bar bites. Go before 8pm and you can catch their daily happy hour food and drink deals as well as to nab the best table on a Saturday and Sunday night to catch their live entertainment.

On a recent visit on a Saturday night, we got there at around 6.30pm just in time for their current 30% off all food promotion. I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Don ($14.90++) and my friends ordered the Chicken Carbonara and the Unagi Don which are two of Pump Station 1965’s recommended dishes. They were having a promotion for their beer tower at the time which was $54++ for a 3 litre tower of Asahi Super Dry White draft beer so we decided to get this.

The beer tower which was generously filled to just over 3 litres has a compartment in the centre that is filled with ice so this helps to keep the beer cold so that you can take your time to drink it slowly. If you’d rather drink fresh beer straight from the tap though I’d recommend getting their happy hour offer of 3 pints for $28++ and you can choose between Asahi Super Dry White, Asahi Super Dry Black and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc. Their bottles of North Coast Steller IPA are also very nice.

Pump Station 1965 Bar & Bistro Punggol East Container Park Three Litre Beer Tower

The food was not bad, my Chicken Teriyaki Don was Japanese comfort food at it’s best. The sweet and tender chicken, along with the half poached egg and Japanese rice with a bit of heat from the kimchi, made a satisfying meal.

Pump Station 1965 Bar & Bistro Punggol East Container Park Chicken Teriyaki Don

My friends also enjoyed their Chicken Carbonara and Unagi Don.

Pump Station 1965 Bar & Bistro Punggol East Container Park Chicken Carbonara

Pump Station 1965 Bar & Bistro Punggol East Container Park Unagi Don

Pump Station 1965 Bar & Bistro Punggol East Container Park Live Band

The live singers that night were a couple called Anchorblanc, they sang well together and the guy’s voice was particularly good. They started at around 8.30pm and sang a mixture of Mandarin and English songs as well as taking requests from the audience.

Overall we had a great evening at Pump Station 1965 and ended up staying there for nearly 5 hours! It’s a really relaxed place just next to the river and although all the seating is outside it’s very breezy in the area and not hot at all. They also have seating upstairs just above their stage so you can sip a glass of wine whilst gazing at the stars. Service was very friendly and informative and I’m sure we will be back there again soon! They’re currently taking reservations on Eatigo too so you can save up to 50% on all food!

Pump Station 1965 Bar & Bistro
Address: 50 Punggol East, #01-K32, Singapore 828826
Tel: 6592 1956
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 1am, Friday & Saturday: 5pm – 2am, Sunday: 3pm – 1am

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Pump Station 1965 Bar & Bistro, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review or if you have any questions!

Tiger Street Lab Restaurant Review – Jewel Changi Airport

Tiger Street Lab Restaurant Review Jewel Changi Airport

Tiger Street Lab is the restaurant to visit if you are a fan of Singapore’s Tiger beer. Situated on the top floor of the newly opened Jewel Changi Airport amongst lush greenery and views of the world’s largest indoor waterfall, Tiger Street Lab is a place where you can relax and unwind during the day and night with a fresh Tiger draft beer whilst savouring local street food as well as international classics.

Tiger Street Lab Bar Jewel Changi Airport

Tiger Street Lab Restaurant Interior Jewel Changi Airport.

Their drinks menu includes all the different varieties of Tiger beer currently available including Tiger Lager and Tiger White on tap, Tiger Black, Tiger Crystal, Tiger Radler Lemon and Tiger Radler Grapefruit which are available in bottles only. They also have an exclusive Tiger Seasonal Brew on tap which is only available in Tiger Street Lab. The seasonal brew at present was inspired by Singapore’s national flower and is an orchid infused black lager. As you can see from the photo below it’s not a very dark lager and was refreshingly easy to drink with floral notes. They also have coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices available for those that are accompanying the drinkers or are there for the food.

Tiger Street Lab Restaurant Jewel Changi Airport Tiger Orchid Infused Seasonal Brew

Tiger Street Lab Restaurant Jewel Changi Airport Beer Menu And Prices

Foodwise, Tiger Street Lab have a menu that consists of flatbread pizzas, bar bites and a range of street food dishes created in collaboration with veteran Zi Char hawker stall Keng Eng Kee Seafood (KEK Seafood) that include a selection of their signature dishes comprising of Moonlight Horfun, Coffee Pork Ribs, Chilli Crab and Salted Egg Yolk Prawns.

The wholemeal flatbreads, although they look quite appealing on the menu are actually a lot smaller than you think. They are good snacks that go well with beer though. The Chorizo, Bacon, Rosemary and Brie Cheese Flatbread ($16) was ok, the flatbread was nice and crunchy but they could have been more generous with the toppings.

Tiger Street Lab Restaurant Jewel Changi Airport Chorizo, Bacon, Rosemary and Brie Cheese Wholemeal Flatbread

The chef’s recommended Salted Egg Yolk Soft-shell Crab by KEK Seafood ($15) was tasty. The soft-shell crab was light and crispy and was served with a creamy salted egg yolk sauce and fried mantou buns which were great for dipping in the sauce.

Tiger Street Lab Restaurant Jewel Changi Airport Salted Egg Yolk Softshell Crab

If you happen to drop by Jewel on a weekday, Tiger Street Lab have a KEK Seafood lunch menu available from 11am to 3pm that is pretty good value with all dishes at only $8!

Tiger Street Lab Jewel KEK Seafood Lunch Menu

Service at Tiger Street Lab is practically non-existent, food and drinks came out quickly but the waitresses aren’t in sight most of the time so it’s hard to even put in your order unless you go up to the bar. Overall the food was pretty decent but I would probably go for the KEK Seafood dishes as opposed to the other offerings on the menu. The beer is of course great and there’s nowhere else that you’d find Tiger beer so fresh apart from if you make the journey over to the west side in Tuas and go to the Tiger Brewery Tour. Profits from beer sold at Tiger Street Lab go towards Tiger Street Food Support Fund, which supports Singapore’s heritage-rich street food culture and the next generation of hawkers. Besides food and drinks, Tiger Street Lab also sell exclusive merchandise and you can also make your own personalised Tiger beer bottle there!

Tiger Street Lab
Address: Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd, #05-205, Singapore 819666
Tel: 6243 2047
Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 1oam – 12am, Friday & Saturday: 9am – 1am

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Tiger Street Lab, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review of the restaurant or if you have any questions!