Lava Yoga Singapore Review – 112 Katong

By | October 18, 2016

*Update: Lava Yoga are relocating to #02-19/20 in 112 Katong Mall on the 12th May 2017*

Lava Hot Yoga Singapore Review 112 Katong

I first heard of Lava Yoga from a flyer I was given at a wellness event in Singapore for a free trial class there but it’s actually a well established yoga studio brand in Japan and apparently the biggest there. The branch in Katong is actually their first overseas studio, situated on the 4th floor of 112 Katong shopping centre, it opened in 2014.

Lava Hot Yoga Singapore 112 Katong Directions

When you get to the 4th floor of 112 Katong, just follow the arrows on the floor to get to Lava Yoga – you have to go outside and walk through the water playground to get there and not through Food Republic food court.

Lava Hot Yoga Singapore 112 Katong Reception

I booked their Abdominal yoga class via their online booking system on their website and on arrival at the studio I was greeted by the friendly receptionist Emily who gave me some forms to fill in with my details and yoga experience after which I was given a small and large towel and shown to the locker room so I could leave my belongings and get changed. There’s also some more towels near the shower area which you can use too.

Lava Hot Yoga Singapore 112 Katong Locker Room

Lava Yoga in Singapore is quite small, very different from Pure Yoga which is where I’m currently a member. It only has one studio that is fairly large and can probably accommodate around 40-50 people, a locker room, wash basins and showers but there are no toilets so if you need to go then you have to use the ones in the shopping centre. It’s cozy and quiet though and when I was there around late morning on a Sunday, there were probably only around 10 people in my class.

Lava Hot Yoga Singapore 112 Katong Relaxation Area

There’s even a small relaxation area where you can sit and read or relax before/after your class.

The Abdominal class is a 1 hour yoga class in a heated studio. The temperature in the studio was warm and not uncomfortably hot as it can be in other yoga studios and there were some aroma diffusers in the studio emitting a pleasant fragrance. Lava Yoga have their own original music which is specially composed for each type of class to aid transition between poses and for relaxation. I found the instrumental music to be relaxing and you actually don’t notice it much as you’re concentrating more on the instructor and moving between poses. The instructor was actually Emily the receptionist to my surprise and she guided us through the class explaining each pose as clearly as she could, demonstrating where necessary and adjusting us if needed. Some of the poses where quite taxing especially since my shoulders where aching from several heavy gym sessions the days before but Emily gave us several different options for each pose so you can choose an option based on your level. Although I’m not really a yogi, I would say that the Abdominal class is more like a Vinyasa type yoga class, there are some poses that focus on the abs but not as many as I expected and there were some breathing exercises at the beginning and meditation at the end. The 1 hour went quite quickly and by the end of it I had sweated buckets and was feeling suitably relaxed and refreshed. After the class you have to clean your own mat with the cleaning liquid provided so if you sweat as much as me it may be advisable to put a towel on the mat for the duration of the class.

I enjoyed the class and although Lava Yoga may not have all the facilities as some of the big yoga chains in Singapore such as Pure Yoga or True Yoga as well as yoga instructors from India that have been practicing since they could walk, I think that it’s a nice little friendly yoga studio to go to if you live in the Katong area.

They offer 11 different types of yoga classes, including detox and anti-aging which sounds very interesting as I’ve not heard of this type of yoga class before. All the classes are hot yoga classes and also women only. You can take a trial class for $20 or they currently have an offer on Fave where you can do 4 classes for only $35!

Lava Yoga Singapore
Address: #04-10, 112 Katong Mall, 112 East Coast Road, Singapore 428802
Tel: 6636 1562
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am -10pm, Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Lava Yoga review, please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!

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