Sushi Tei Restaurant Review – Paragon Orchard Road

By | September 16, 2018

Sushi Tei Restaurant Review Paragon Orchard Road

Sushi Tei is one of those restaurants which you go to intending to have a bit of Japanese food and end up ordering half the menu. Although named Sushi Tei, it is not just a sushi restaurant and it has a huge menu with nearly every type of Japanese food under the sun. From fried and grilled dishes to hot pots, salads, sashimi, noodles and rice dishes. The selection of sushi that they have is vast, with your standard sushi rolls, handrolls and nigiri as well as huge American-type rolls stuffed and topped with everything you could possibly want in a roll.

Although I tend to prefer Japanese restaurants that specialise in just one type of Japanese food i.e. udon, soba, etc., as they tend to be a lot better, Sushi Tei is a place that I’ve been to a couple of times as it’s a great restaurant for casual gatherings with friends and family and there’s bound to be something on the menu that everyone likes.

Sushi Tei Restaurant Paragon Orchard Road Conveyor Belt Sushi Kaiten Sushi Interior

Sushi Tei has several branches across Singapore, 13 to be exact, with a total of 81 branches across 9 countries, mostly in Asia. The branch in Paragon shopping mall on Orchard is huge with a sushi counter and conveyor belt as well as tables that can accommodate I would say at least 200 people.

I went there for lunch last month just after Singapore National Day and ordered a Soft Shell Crab Maki ($6.90++), Negitoro Maki ($5.50++), Chicken Karaage ($6.90++), Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Don ($23.80++) and Chilli Crab Seafood Croquettes ($8.80++) which was just right for two people. Orders were placed on the tablet on our table.

Sushi Tei Restaurant Paragon Orchard Road Soft Shell Crab Maki And Negitoro Fatty Tuna And Spring Onion Maki

The Soft Shell Crab Maki is a small inside out roll filled with deep fried soft shell crab and covered in tobiko (flying fish roe). It’s one of my favourite sushi rolls and the soft shell crab was crispy and seasoned well, perfect with the crunch of the tobiko. The Negitoro Maki which is also another of my favourites had fresh fatty tuna in it mixed with scallions.

Sushi Tei Restaurant Paragon Orchard Road Chicken Karaage

The Chicken Karaage had a light, crunchy, seasoned coating but I found the chicken to be a little dry.

Sushi Tei Restaurant Paragon Orchard Road Singapore National Day Chilli Crab Seafood Croquettes

The worst dish was probably the Chilli Crab Seafood Croquettes which was a special for Singapore National Day. The croquettes were completely soggy drenched in the chilli crab sauce and they were filled with a small piece of what seemed to be prawn as well as lychee! Where was the crab??

Sushi Tei Restaurant Paragon Orchard Road Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Don

The Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Don which is currently part of Sushi Tei’s limited edition summer menu was absolutely delicious. Miyazaki wagyu is actually the highest quality beef in Japan, better than the well known Kobe wagyu. So it was of course extremely juicy. tender and full of flavour.  It was nicely complemented by a sweet sauce together with a runny half boiled egg and Japanese rice.

So in conclusion, apart from one or two dishes that weren’t so great, we had a pretty good meal in Sushi Tei. Is the food amazing there? No, but one thing that they do do well is the sushi, hence the name I guess. There’s also not a lot of places in Singapore that have such a huge range of great tasting American-type sushi rolls, plus the Miyazaki wagyu is pretty affordable there surprisingly.

Service at the restaurant was efficient although we did have to queue for around 10 minutes when we arrived even though there were plenty of empty tables in the restaurant.

Sushi Tei have a membership programme which costs $88 for 1 year and you get $100 of dining vouchers plus 10% off when you dine there. You also get 20% off on your birthday month and you can earn points for every dollar spent which can be redeemed for dining vouchers. It’s a pretty good programme to join if you plan to dine there a lot.

Sushi Tei (Paragon branch)
Address: 290 Orchard Road, #05-04/05 Paragon, Singapore 238859
Tel: 6235 1771
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10pm

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Sushi Tei, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review of the restaurant or if you have any questions!

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