TGM Lounge Review – Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2

By | June 26, 2019

TGM Lounge Review - Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2

Located on the third floor of Changi Airport’s Terminal 2, just next to DFS’s Whiskey House, TGM is definitely the best airport lounge in Changi that you can access with a Priority Pass. More than a restaurant than a lounge, you can enjoy table-served, freshly cooked Japanese and Korean food there. TGM is also accessible to the public and bookable via Chope.

The lunch and dinner menu for Priority Pass holders which is called the “Corporate Set” is more concise than the menu available to the public. You can choose from a selection of different Japanese bento sets as well as a couple of Korean options. The restaurant menu for the public includes these sets as well as salads, sashimi, sushi, grilled dishes, tempura, noodles, rice dishes and desserts.

TGM Lounge Review Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Lunch And Dinner

The breakfast menu for both Priority Pass holders and the public is the same and is served from 6am when TGM opens until 10.30am. You can choose from either a Japanese breakfast set, Korean or Japanese noodles, Korean rice rolls or go for the Daily Breakfast Special and you can have either a coffee, tea or orange juice with your meal.

TGM Lounge Review Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Breakfast Menu

On all the occasions that I’ve visited TGM, I’ve had lunch there. If you are accessing TGM using Priority Pass, you first have to register at the counter and select your meal and drink before you are seated. TGM is pretty spacious and has never been too busy when I’ve visited but for more privacy you can choose to sit at one of their booth tables.

TGM Lounge Review Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Interior

I would have to say that the Japanese food there is not bad but not the greatest (I haven’t tried their Korean food yet so I can’t comment on that). The first bento set that I ever had there which was the Tempura Bento Set, didn’t leave me with a particularly good impression of the place though. The tempura was not very good, the batter was thick and the prawn and vegetables were undercooked. The set also came with some pickles, fruit, salad and fried gyoza which were a bit hard due to the dumpling skins being a little too thick. The chicken karaage in the set however was pretty much the star of the set with their light crunchy coating that was seasoned well. The set also came with miso soup and rice on the side and was more than enough to fill me up before my flight.

TGM Lounge Review Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Tempura Bento Set

For a lighter meal, you could opt for the Sashimi Bento Set in which you get an assortment of fresh sashimi, pickles, fruit, salad, seaweed salad, gyoza as well as miso soup and rice.

TGM Lounge Review Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Sashimi Bento Set

The Salmon Butteryaki Bento Set is probably my favourite out of the bento sets that I’ve tried so far though. The salmon was surprisingly really tasty, pan fried nicely in a butter sauce. I was given a very generous portion of salmon along with pickles, fruit, seaweed salad, kakiage (vegetables deep fried in tempura batter), gyoza, rice and miso soup. The gyoza on this occasion was a lot better and not hard and the kakiage was light and crisp. Perhaps it was a different chef that day. Also I think that the items that you get in each bento set to accompany the main dish is selected by the chef and can vary.

TGM Lounge Review Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Salmon Butteryaki Bento Set

You can choose one drink with your meal if you’re visiting TGM with Priority Pass. The latte and cappuccino is not fantastic there but it’s a lot better than what you would get in other Priority Pass lounges in Changi.

TGM Lounge Review Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Cappuccino And Latte

TGM also have a takeaway counter if you want to grab some sushi rolls or sandwiches for your flight but this is not included in the lounge access and has to be paid for separately.

TGM Lounge Review Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 Takeaway Sushi Sandwiches

If you wish to get some work done or just chill out at TGM before your flight, high-speed Wi-Fi is available and there are universal power outlets and USB charging ports.

Service at TGM is efficient and can be friendly depending on who you encounter on the day. It’s definitely my favourite Priority Pass lounge in Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 as besides going to a restaurant or airline lounge, you won’t get such a decent meal in any of the other lounges. However if you don’t have a Priority Pass that gives you free access, it might work out to be cheaper to book your table on Chope and order from the public menu.

Address: Level 3, Departure Lounge, Changi Airport Terminal 2, Airport boulevard, Singapore 918146
Tel: 65461928
Opening Hours: Daily 6am – 1am

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of TGM, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review or if you have any questions!

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