Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant Review – Golden Mile Complex

By | January 4, 2016

Diandin Leluk Best Thai Restaurant Singapore Golden Mile Complex

Diandin Leluk Thai restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Golden Mile Complex around 15 minutes walk from Bugis MRT. It’s open around the clock and serves a good choice of authentic Thai food including all the usual favourites such as Pad Thai, Green Curry, Tom Yam Soup and the like. It is one of the best Thai restaurants in Singapore that I’ve eaten in and is very affordable too.

Fresh Coconut Juice Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

I went there the other day with a friend for lunch at around 2pm and it was fairly busy given that it was quite late for lunch and the Golden Mile Complex is not that convenient to get to. It’s a very big restaurant with a lot of tables so we were free to choose where we wanted to sit. I’d heard that the Tom Yam Soup and Papaya Salad was good there so we ordered a portion of each to share as well as a Pad Thai and fresh coconut drinks. To order, we had to write our order down on the order form provided on the table and then hand it to the waiter who checked and confirmed it.

Tom Yam Soup Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

Food came out very quickly, all within 10 minutes. The Tom Yam Soup (we chose the original over the clear version) was spicy but not too spicy for me with a good amount of calamari, prawns and vegetables in it; a perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy.

Pad Thai Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant Singapore

The Pad Thai although it wasn’t the best Pad Thai I’ve had, it was nice but the noodles were a bit soft and overcooked. It didn’t have many prawns in it but strangely had pieces of char siu (barbecued pork) – the first time I’ve ever seen that in Pad Thai!

Papaya Salad Thai Style Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

The Papaya Salad was really good and leaves you craving more. It was crunchy and deliciously tangy with roasted peanuts and tomatoes. Very addictive! I’ll definitely be back there again for this dish!

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant Stall Selling Thai Snacks

Service in Diandin Leluk was fairly efficient and the entire bill only came up to $32. The restaurant also has a stall outside it that sells Thai street food including skewered meat, fried pork crackling and desserts. I picked up these tasty dumplings filled with fried shrimp and vegetables (see photo below) for only $3! I’ve had these before (not sure what they’re called) from a place in Ion shopping centre’s Food Opera for $5 and the ones from Diandin Leluk are just as good and you get more dumplings too.

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant Dumplings

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant
Address: #01-67/68/69, 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex (Main), Singapore 199588
Tel: 6293 5101
Opening hours: Open all day, every day

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review of the restaurant or if you have any questions!


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