FatPapas Restaurant Review – Waterway Point Punggol

By | September 6, 2018

FatPapas Restaurant Review Waterway Point Punggol

FatPapas, the halal spin-off of Fatboys The Burger Bar, currently has four branches in Singapore with a new branch that opened earlier this year in Waterway Point shopping centre in Punggol. Having been wanting to try the much raved about food, I went there for lunch yesterday with the hubby.

FatPapas Restaurant Waterway Point Punggol Menu

The menu consists of mostly burgers of course, plus the option to build your own burger by selecting your bun, patty, sauce and other fillings, as well as a selection of other delicious, calorie ridden mains, appetisers, sides and desserts.

FatPapas Restaurant Waterway Point Punggol Drinks Menu

As I’m currently completely obsessed with all things salted egg, I went for the Salted Egg Crab Pasta ($17++) and hubby went for a Bushtucker burger ($15++).

My Salted Egg Crab Pasta came out pretty quickly but one look at it and I already knew that it wouldn’t be good. The spaghetti was so overcooked and soggy even though the menu actually specifically specifies that the spaghetti is cooked al-dente and the salted egg cream sauce had a very thin consistency and was not eggy or seasoned enough. The soft shell crab on the other hand was extremely salty and soaked in oil. The dish was practically unpalatable and such a huge disappointment. FatPapas are well known for their big portions however this dish was slightly on the small side even though I actually only managed to stomach around a quarter of it.

FatPapas Restaurant Review Waterway Point Punggol Bushtucker Burger With Fries

The Bushtucker burger was a whole other story. The beef patty was extremely juicy and flavourful topped with melted aged cheddar, arugula and turkey bacon. Together with the deliciously garlicy aioli and soft sesame seed bun, it was the perfect combination. The fries that came with it were piping hot, crispy and seasoned well.

The burger was definitely their saving grace, I guess I should have gone for a burger considering that is what they are known for doing well. The Salted Egg Crab Pasta is definitely the worst salted egg dish I’ve ever had and the worst pasta dish I’ve had in a long time. However I will go back and this time I’ll have a burger!

FatPapas Restaurant Review Waterway Point Punggol Interior

The restaurant itself is like a casual American burger joint with huge booths at the back that can accommodate larger groups. Service was ok but not too proactive considering that there were waitresses just standing around and we were waiting at the front for a while before anyone decided to show us to a table. Nevertheless I’m sure people will come here for the burgers and fries.

FatPapas (Waterway Point branch)
Address: #01-31 Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761
Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Fat Papas, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review of the restaurant or if you have any questions!


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