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By | January 28, 2016

FoodPanda Smiths Fish and Chips

I was so happy to discover this place on FoodPanda the other day as it’s the only restaurant I’ve found so far in Singapore that has proper British sausage in batter on their menu, or so I thought…. Smith’s Fish and Chips claims to be an authentic British chippy and although they’ve made a fairly good effort at trying to bring Singapore what we’d get back home in the U.K. it sadly doesn’t quite make the cut.

My hubby and I tried their Battered Sausage and Chips ($12.50) and their Plaice and Chips ($18) – these are my two favourites that I usually get in my local fish and chip shop back in London. We also got a side order of gravy and curry sauce. After placing the order on FoodPanda, I got an email from the FoodPanda team to confirm my order and the food arrived quickly within 40 minutes as stated on the website.

FoodPanda Smiths Fish and Chips Plaice and Chips

Each meal was wrapped individually in paper as you would normally get in a fish and chip shop and the food was still warm. The plaice was very small, about two-thirds of the size of a small plaice that you would get in England, the batter was quite light and crispy but had no seasoning so you’d have to add salt or some of the vinegar provided.

FoodPanda Smiths Fish and Chips Battered Sausage and Chips

The battered sausage was a big disappointment for me. It wasn’t a pork sausage and was instead a beef sausage. This unfortunately wasn’t stated on the menu on FoodPanda so I wasn’t expecting a beef sausage when I ordered it. The batter on the sausage was light and crispy though. The chips were probably the highlight of the meal and some of the better chips that I’ve had from a chippy. Although they were a little oily, they were really soft and tasty and they used a good choice of potatoes to make them. The gravy was nice and good to dip the chips in but I didn’t like the curry sauce as it didn’t have much of a curry flavour. They only gave a very small amount of chips with the fish but there was more with the sausage but still probably only around half the amount of a standard small portion of chips.

Overall the meal from Smith’s Fish And Chips was disappointing, although delivery via FoodPanda was fast and the food arrived warm with the batter still crispy, the portion sizes were a little on the stingy side especially considering that it’s not that cheap. There are a lot of other places in Singapore that serve much better tasting fish even though it’s usually served with fries rather than chips and I’ll have to keep looking for somewhere that has a battered pork sausage!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Smith’s Fish And Chips review, please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions and if you’d like to try Smith’s Fish And Chips for yourself they are available for food delivery on the FoodPanda website.

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