Tesco Supermarket Has Finally Arrived In Singapore!

By | September 22, 2017


Tesco Singapore Fairprice

Tesco is my supermarket of choice back home in the UK as their selection of groceries is humongous (I happily spend hours in there sometimes!) as well as their prices being competitive. So the good news is that Tesco has finally arrived in Singapore! Well…. unfortunately not an actual Tesco store… but online delivery service Honestbee are now offering a range of their products and most NTUC FairPrice supermarkets islandwide and online are also carrying around 400 different Tesco products. On top of that, certain FairPrice stores also have a selection of Tesco Finest products which is Tesco’s premium range of groceries. Yippee!

So, sorry to disappoint you but it seems like there are no plans for any Tesco stores to open up over here in the near future but at least we’re now able to get hold of some of their products more easily rather than crossing the border over to Johor where there are two branches of Tesco including the expansive Tesco Extra in Tebrau City. Why Tesco didn’t reach the sunny shores of Singapore sooner, I have no idea. Not that there isn’t a market for their products as there are plenty of British expats I know here who would love to see a Tesco supermarket open in Singapore and many other expats as well as Singaporeans who enjoy shopping there in one of the many branches in Malaysia or overseas, as Tesco has stores in twelve countries across Europe and Asia.

Tesco Singapore Honestbee Online Supermarket Delivery

Granted that Tesco products here are not as cheap as in the UK but they’re still very affordable and prices are not as inflated as they are with other British imports such as Marks and Spencer. You can get packs of biccies for only a little over $2 and Tesco chocolate bars for around $3 on Honestbee. Besides British snacks and sweets, Honestbee also have Tesco wine, beverages, sauces, dried goods, cleaning products and much more available to purchase! And currently if you sign up with them here, you can get $10 to spend on all your favourite Tesco treats! Sounds like a good deal to me 🙂

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