Cheap Shopping Singapore: Dollar Stores

By | May 11, 2017

Although Singapore is an expensive place to live, you’ll be surprised at how many dollar stores there are here, where you can pick up general household items and daily necessities that are of pretty decent quality. The HDB estates will usually have some small shops selling an array of goods starting at one dollar but if you’re looking for a bigger selection which is of better quality and design, then I would suggest heading to the big two dollar shop chains that you’ll find in most shopping centres around Singapore.


Daiso Shop Vivocity Singapore

Probably the best known and biggest two dollar shop here, the Daiso is a Japanese chain store that sells everything under the sun including cosmetics, kitchenware, tableware, gardening products, stationary, craft supplies, Japanese food and snacks and much more. Everything here is just $2 and although most of it is made in China, you’ll be surprised to find that a lot of the products are also made in Japan and everything is of great quality to Japanese standards. There are currently 14 branches in Singapore in major shopping malls across the island.


2WO 2 Dollar Store Singapore

With two branches in Singapore, one in Liang Court near Clarke Quay and the other in the Star Vista in Buona Vista, 2WO is also a two dollar store that sells Japanese products. It’s not as nicely laid out as the Daiso but it sells a lot of the same products although not as big a variety. It’s a nice shop to wander around though and see what you can find as they do stock some items that you wouldn’t find in a Daiso.


Mijyi Dollar Store Singapore

Mijyi has two branches in Singapore, one in Leisure Park Kallang and the other in AMK Big Mac Centre. Both branches are huge and stock food and products from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and the US. The majority of items are $2 with some that are slightly more but are still great value. They also have promotions on certain items such as 2 for $2 or buy 1 get 1 free.


Tokutokuya Suntect City Two Dollar Store Singapore

With two branches in Singapore in the centrally located shopping mall Suntec City and Changi City Point over in the east side, Tokutokuya is a Japanese two dollar shop that has a good variety of stationary, Japanese snacks, household items and much more. Most of the items are $2 with some that are priced a bit higher and you can find some items such as character-themed goods that you could only otherwise find in 100 yen shops (equivalent to the two dollar shops here) in Japan and not in other two dollar shops in Singapore. See here for my full review of Tokutokuya.


MixCart Geylang 2 Dollar Store Singapore

MixCart is a small two dollar shop in Geylang close to Aljunied MRT. It has all sorts of household items, toys, stationary and knick-knacks all of which are $2 with some jewellery items and drinks for only $1. They also have an online shop on Qoo10 with a small selection of some of the items that they carry in their store. See here for my full review of Mixcart.


ShopInSEA Online Dollar Store Singapore

With thousands of items, many of which are under S$2, ShopInSEA is an online dollar shop that sells everything from kitchenware to cosmetics. Delivery is free if you spend over $50 otherwise it’s only $4.99 and although it does take a couple of weeks for your order to arrive, with prices that low it is definitely worth the wait. Also you can get 12% off your purchase using the discount code OMG12 or S$5 off when you spend S$30 using the discount code OMG5. Visit ShopInSEA here.

One Dollar Only

One Dollar Only Singapore Online Dollar Store

Another online dollar store, One Dollar Only sells mostly stationary for $1 or $1.50. Delivery is free for orders of $70 or more, otherwise it’s $7 and takes 3-5 working days. Also if you join their mailing list you can get 10% off. Visit One Dollar Only here.

Hope you’ve found this list helpful, I’ll be adding to it if I find any more dollar stores. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you know of any more!

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