Time & Flow Champagne Bar & Restaurant Review – Scotts Square Singapore

By | April 12, 2016

*Time & Flow is now permanently closed*

Time And Flow Champagne Scotts Square Singapore

Time & Flow Champagne is a champagne bar cum restaurant cum wine shop located on the basement floor of Scotts Square shopping centre near Orchard MRT. Frequented mostly by Japanese patrons since the owners are Japanese and their website even has a Japanese version, this small restaurant serves high tea all day every day from 11am until 10pm with free flow tea and mocktails for $48++. You can also opt to have free flow champagne and cocktails for $88++ which I suspect most people do since this place specialises in premium organic champagne. The free flow lasts for 90 minutes but you’re able to relax and enjoy your high tea for 3 hours. As this place is usually quite quiet and was practically empty when I was there I don’t think they’d be too fussed if you outstayed the 3 hours.

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Bar Area

I went there with a friend on a weekday afternoon for their high tea with free flow champagne (of course! 🙂 ) and after being comfortably seated and specifying which free flow option we would like we were given a welcome drink called the “Biscuit Champagne”. This was essentially a delicious combination of ice cold raspberry juice and champagne with a biscuit that tasted very much like an Italian ladyfinger sponge biscuit on top. The biscuit is supposed to be dipped in the champagne cocktail to bring out it’s flavour but I only actually realised this later on after reading it on their menu! Anyway it was a great start to the high tea!

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Biscuit Champagne

We were then presented with our first dish – “Oyster with Sea Pearls”. This was basically a fresh oyster “au naturel” served with raw sea urchin, black caviar and vinegar. This was absolutely delicious and probably the highlight of the food served although the sea urchin wasn’t as fresh as what you might find in Hokkaido however it’s probably as best as you can get in Singapore.

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Oyster With Sea Pearls

Next the waiter brought over something they call their “First Spring Plate” which was an assortment of finger food and cakes beautifully displayed on a wooden board. The First Spring Plate consisted of slices of roast beef with a red wine reduction and fresh figs, cake salĂ©s which are savoury French cakes that were made with parmigiano, vegetables and szechuan pepper, open sandwiches with baby squid, vegetables and saffron, edamame scones, coconut scones, kumquat and honey tarts, cheesecakes with strawberry, raspberry and pistachio, chocolate ganache cakes with coffee cream and a dash of matcha syrup and savoury crème brĂ»lĂ©es made with French duck liver. All of it was very tasty in particular the savoury crème brĂ»lĂ©e which I didn’t think I’d like because of the duck liver but it didn’t really have a strong liver taste and the caramelised sugar which was maybe a little bit burnt complemented it well. The open sandwich which was actually a thin piece of fried bread with baby squid and vegetables on top was also very good, the bread was crunchy and the squid and vegetables were well seasoned. The only disappointment were the scones which were very dense and rubber-like with not much flavour. We were given two types of jam and some clotted cream which hadn’t really clotted but it was adequate enough for the scones.

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore First Spring Plate

We were then each given a plate which had two types of “sushi” on it. One was a Singaporean style sushi which tasted a lot like the Singaporean dish Chicken Rice and consisted of rice wrapped in chicken and cucumber with a sweet vinegary sauce. The other sushi was rice wrapped in thin slices of raw salmon and topped with salmon roe and shiso leaves (perilla) and came with wasabi mayonnaise. Both were very good and went nicely with our champagne.

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Sushi And Chicken Rice

Lastly we were given a warm salad which was a lot different than what was specified on the menu and was made with purple cabbage, Chinese cabbage, radish, potato, baby turnip, roasted sliced almonds and quinoa. It was really delicious with a lot of texture and crunch to it however it was a bit too salty.

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Warm Salad

Overall the food at Time & Flow Champagne was much better than expected considering it is primarily a champagne bar and I got to try their organic champagne, regular champagne, Champagne Martini (champagne mixed with sherry) and Black Velvet (champagne mixed with black beer).

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Duval LeRoy Organic Champagne

Their organic champagne is from the makers Duval LeRoy and is slightly sweet whereas their regular champagne is drier. Both champagnes were good and the Black Velvet was nice because I like dark beer but it only had a hint of champagne in it.

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Duval LeRoy Champagne And Black Velvet Beer And Champagne Cocktail

The Champagne Martini had a lot of sherry in it in comparison to the amount of champagne and I felt that it overpowered the taste of the champagne.

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Champagne Martini

Service at Time & Flow Champagne is polite and efficient although they are a little slow in replying email queries so it may be best to phone them. Reservations for their high tea should apparently be made in advance as they have to make sure that their chef is available during that time. The place has a very relaxed feel to it, perhaps because we were the only customers having high tea at that time and Scotts Square is generally a very quiet shopping mall being one that mostly only accommodates high-end fashion brands. It is a nice place to have a leisurely champagne brunch or high tea and catch up with friends or for a special occasion. They also have a daily happy hour between 5pm and 8pm if you just want to go for drinks – currently they are offering 1-for-1 Tiger beer for $14++ and a glass of red or white wine for $12++. They are also having a cocktail promotion which is available all day and you can get a cocktail for $12++.

They have a small shop at the front where you can purchase any of their wines or champagnes:

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Wine Shop

This is their current high tea menu:

Time And Flow Champagne Singapore Champagne Brunch High Tea Menu

Time & Flow Champagne
Address: #B1-18/19 Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, Singapore 228209
Tel: 9060 2984
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Time and Flow Champagne bar & restaurant review, please feel free to leave a comment below with your own review or if you have any questions!

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      According to the board at the front of their restaurant they also serve dinner. I tried emailing them a few weeks ago to ask for their dinner menu but unfortunately didn’t get a reply. Will update you if I find out!


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